About Bellebites:

Bellebites is a premiere chocolate brand, designed with the modern woman in mind, with a reflection of sophistication and unyielding spirit. Bellebites embodies the essence of empowerment. From the moment you open the elegant packaging to the first taste, you’ll experience the fusion of indulgence and empowerment that defines the brand.

The challenge:

The task was to create an aura of luxury through premium ingredients and elegant packaging, while also infusing the brand with a light-hearted, approachable vibe, catering to those who appreciate life’s finer things with a joyful twist.


I developed a full brand strategy and a long-term plan for scaling, including an ideal client persona profile, brand attributes definition and messaging. I translated this into a visual identity (logo design, colors, typography) and packaging (labels & boxes).

Packaging Design:

Labels and packaging for a product are critical for attracting customers and securing the purchase of the product. The decision to use paper tube packaging for BelleBites was driven by the intention to make sharing and gifting a seamless experience. The cylindrical design not only promotes easy sharing among friends and loved ones but also adds a touch of eco-friendly elegance. It transforms each box into a delightful gift, symbolizing the joy of giving and sharing the delectable experience of Bellebites.

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