Elevate your brand

Your costumers are not just numbers in a chart. They are real people, with their own thoughts, wants, experiences and dreams.

When I develop a brand, I connect with what truly motivates your target customers on a deep emotional level. This understanding becomes my guide to create an appealing brand identity, to lead target customers right to you.

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1. Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is a long-term plan for attracting customers to your unique brand. It will help you achieve your business goals through brand positioning, messaging, and defining what makes your brand unique. Your brand strategy will courage customers to purchase your products or use your services. Brand strategy is a crucial step in the design process. It serves as a guide for creating your visual elements: Such as logo design, colour palettes, label designs, packaging design and social media visuals.
With a a solid brand strategy, you can easily position your brand as the best option for your target customers, demonstrate your expertise, and rise above your competition.

2. Visual Identity

When I have finished developing your brand strategy document, I transform this brand plan into visual designs. These designs will reflect your brand’s voice and attributes while focusing on your ideal client’s persona. The goal is to create distinct branded visuals that attract your target customers and inspire them to buy from you. Your brand identity will consist of a logo design, colour palette, typography (fonts), styled imagery, patterns, and more.

3. Package Design

Your product designs are crucial, and can make or break your business. Based on your unique brand strategy and identity, I will develop appealing labels for your products, boxes, insert flyers, gift cards and product bags. I focus on understanding your ideal customers to create packaging design that attracts your target customers and motivates them to buy your unique buisness.

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