About the brand:

Blizzed, a skincare brand with a singular focus on revolutionizing skincare in the harshest cold environments. At the heart of Blizzed’s commitment is the development of a cutting-edge facial cold cream designed to shield and nourish the skin against the harsh cold. The challenge lay in formulating a product that not only provides a protective barrier but also enhances the skin’s resilience and radiance in temperatures up to -35 C.

The Challenge:

Designing the packaging posed the challenge of effectively conveying the transformative benefits of the facial cold cream in harsh cold, while maintaining an elegant aesthetic. 

Balancing the portrayal of a woman in harsh conditions with exposed skin, without compromising sophistication, required careful visual storytelling.

The Outcome:

The outcome successfully met the challenge with captivating illustrations of a woman confidently navigating icy landscapes with exposed skin, emphasizing the cream’s protective nature. 

Integrated into the packaging, these visuals created a narrative canvas that balanced elegance with functionality. Blizzed symbolize resilience and beauty in the face of chilly conditions, empowering individuals to embrace the harsh cold with confidence.

Their Mission:

Blizzed`s commitment extends beyond products; it aims to empower individuals to confidently face the challenges of chilly enviroments with resilience and grace. With the mantra “Embrace the Chill,” Blizzed encourages a shift in perspective, inviting people to see the cold as an opportunity for self-care and empowerment.¬†

This philosophy symbolizes a unique blend of skincare and mindset, aligning with the transformative qualities of Blizzed’s products and fostering a spirit of confidence and beauty in the face of the chill.

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