About the brand:

Esprit is a sparkling tea brand, where every sip is a celebration of innovative flavors! Their teas redefine the experience with carefully curated blends of tea leaves, botanicals, and fruits, challenging your taste buds. Crafted with a commitment to quality and craftsmanship, each can is a testament to the extraordinary. Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or an adventurous spirit, Esprit Sparkling Tea adds a vibrant touch to your moments of indulgence, inviting you a world of sparkling possibilities.

The Challenge:

Designing Esprit presented a challenge of capturing the essence of each unique flavor and translating it into visually striking illustrations. The challenge lay in balancing creativity with coherence, ensuring that each can visually conveyed the taste adventure within. 

The Outcome:

The outcome is a visual feast that harmoniously mirrors the diverse range of intriguing flavors. From the vibrant hues and gradients representing the intriguing flavours, the illustrations are a sensorial journey in themselves. 

Each label is carefully planned, seamlessly combining art and flavor, ensuring that every Esprit variant is not just a beverage but a work of visual delight, that entices and excites from the first glance to the last sip.

Intriguing Flavours:

Mint & Cucumber offers a refreshing dance of cool mint and crisp cucumber, Peach & Ginger delivers a harmonious blend of juicy peach sweetness with a hint of warming ginger, and Rosemary & Vanilla captivates the palate with the aromatic marriage of herbal rosemary and the comforting embrace of vanilla. These flavor symphonies are crafted to challenge and delight taste buds, promising a journey through bold, unexpected combinations that make Esprit Sparkling Tea an unforgettable indulgence.

Their Mission:

Esprit’s mantra, “Your calm in a can,” embodies the brand’s mission to offer more than a beverage—it’s a commitment to providing a moment of tranquility in every sip. Amidst the hustle of daily life, Esprit serves as a source of relaxation, combining intriguing flavors with a promise of serenity. Whether through soothing herbal blends or gentle effervescence, Esprit is your refreshing oasis, inviting you to find calm in the midst of the chaos.

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