About Noia Studio:

We take pride in delivering a diverse range of digital services of all sizes, ensuring each one receives personalized attention and bespoke solutions. Whatever your vision may be, rest assured that Noia Studio will bring it to life, guiding and assisting you every step of the way.

Primary Logo:

The primary logo of Noia Studio elegantly encapsulates the essence of the brand`s identity with a customized letter "N". Developed with precision and simplicity, the logo gives a sense of modernity, while being sophisticated.

Submark Logo:

The Submark Logo creates more versatility, and is the positive form of the primary logo. This logo allows for more versatility, and a seamless representation across an array of touchpoints, enhancing brand recognition and leaves you with a strong impression of the studio`s innovative spirit.

Wordmark Logo:

The word mark logo of Noia Studio, featuring the full "Noia" name, becomes a powerful visual asset, when space allows for it. In scenarios where space isn`t a constraint, the wordmark logo takes center stage. A wordmark logo in these contexts enhance versatility, by showcasing the brand`s full name, reinforcing brand recognition and strengthening brand awareness.


Colour Palette:

The vibrant colour palette of a vibrant yellow, radiant orange and captivating magenta creates a bold and engaging brand identity. Individually each colour exudes its own unique energy. The yellow symbolizes innovation and positivity, the orange signifies creativity and warmth, and magenta embodies orginality and vibrancy.

These colours blend harmoniously, forming a dynamic spectrum that mirrors Noia Studio`s multi faceted approach. This dynamic colour fusion not only captures attention but also expresses Noia Studio`s commitment to pushing boundaries and infusing every project with a burst of creativity. Overall, this palette elevates the brand`s visual identity.


"Unleash your digital potential with boundless creativity"

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